Device desription

Engine board is equipped with a microcontroller and allows connection of external devices with PC. The board connects via USB (or RS-422 / RS-485) and contains following peripherals:

  • 8x analog inputIOEngineBoard_roztec
  • 8x binary input (galvanically isolated)
  • 8x switching N-FET output (galvanically isolated, all channels has common ground)
  • RS-485 / RS-422 interface (configurable, galvanically isolated)
  • USB to Serial interface (FTDI)
  • SPI interface for expansion modules
  • Power supply DC +5V for external devices (encoders, RaspBerryPi etc.)


Engine board can be extended by Wagon modules connected via SPI interface according to your application needs. SPI interface accepts up to eight wagon modules. Wagon modules can expand the main board by number of inputs or outputs depending by the type of Wagon.


Technical data

IOFireBug Engine  
Producer 4EACH s. r. o.
DI specification 8x galvanically isolated binary input (by optocoupler)

Input voltage 5 – 30V

DO specification 8x switching N-FET output

Max. 50V / 3 A

All binary outputs are equipped by PWM function
(1 – 20 000Hz)

AI specification 8x analog input 12bit / 1,4MHz (ADC frequency)

Input voltage 0 – 10V

Integrated power supply DC 5V 5V / 1A
Communication interfaces USB (FTDI – COM port), RS-422 / RS-485, SPI
Input voltage 10 – 30V DC
Consumption 100mA to 500mA / 12V
(depends on connected expansion modules)
Dimension 140mm x 100mm (w x h)
Mounting holes dimensions 130mm x 90mm
Weight 150 g
Operating temperature -20° C to 70° C
Voltage protections Overvoltage, reverse polarity
Additional functions Expandability by IOFireBug Wagon modules (various types)

Possibility to connect another IOFireBug Engine set by RS-422 interface

Possibility to connect more IOFireBug Engine sets by RS-485 interface






POWER – Input voltage connector

AD1 to AD8 – Analog inputs

+5V DC OUT – Power supply DC 5V

IN1 to IN8 – Binary inputs

RS422/RS485 – Serial bus for PC or IOFireBug Engine interconnection

OUT1 to OUT8 – Binary outputs

USB – PC interface (FTDI – internal USB to serial converter)

SPI – Interface for IOFireBug Wagon modules

I2C EXT – Intentionally unused



P8 – Serial bus type switch (RS422/RS485)

P4 – System connector

DIP1 to DIP6 – Link address configuration DIP switch

P33 to P36 – Serial bus termination



D4 – Internal voltage 5V state

D5 – Internal voltage 3.3V state

D24 to D31 – State of each binary input

D15 (TxD) – Serial bus transmitter state

D14 – Serial bus communication direction

D13 (RxD) – Serial bus receiver state

D8 to D10 – Processor a FW state

D6 – DC – DC +5V converter state

D47, D45, D43, D41, D46, D44, D42, D40 – State of each binary output

D12 (TxD) – USB transmitter state

D11 (RxD) – USB receiver state