Expansion module WAGON 16I allows to connect additional 16 binary inputs to the main IOFireBug Engine board.


Technical data

IOFireBug Engine  
Producer 4EACH, s. r. o.
DI Specification 16x galvanically isolated binary input (by optocoupler)

Input voltage 5 – 30V

Communication interface SPI
Input voltage By SPI interface
Consumption 30mA / 12V
Dimensions 65mm x 100mm
Weight 20 g
Operatin temperature -20° C to 70° C


Schematics and desciption


SPI INPUT allows to connect with the IOFireBug Engine or with previous expansion module. SPI OUTPUT allows to connect following expansion module. Closed jumper P5 defines that current Wagon 16I is the last connected module in IOFireBug Engine configuration (in other words, there is no following expansion module connected to SPI OUTPUT).

LEDs are signalizing state of each Binary input.